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The landscape color of expressways has a significant impact on a driver's visual response, thus affecting the incidence of expressways traffic accidents. Although this problem has been analyzed and discussed from different angles, there is rare quantitative analysis on the influence of accumulation effect of landscape color on the traffic safety in foggy sections of expressways. In this paper, the color combination and stroboflash of fog lamps on both sides of the road were designed from the perspective of the color research of road landscapes, and the cumulative effect of colors and stroboflash of fog lamps on the drivers’ mind was also studied. Then the interactive cumulative model based on landscape color and driving time in heavy-fog environment was established. Finally, multi-group of fog-lamp colors and spacing experiment program allowing a visibility of 200–500m in fog environments was designed by using Tobii eye-movement instrument and the UC-win/Road simulation software. According to the program, simulations were performed on several drivers to test the influence of road-landscape colors in foggy environments on the drivers' visual psychology. The results of the simulation experiment showed that the colors and stroboflash of fog lamps on both sides of the road have a positive effect on the drivers’ safety when the visibility range is 200–500m, and the driving speed is less than 70 km/h, in addition, the red and yellow were found to have the largest influence among all the studied colors. These results show that it is necessary to design landscape colors in the foggy sections of expressways.