The strain rate sensitivity of concrete material was discovered approximately one hundred years ago, and it has a marked effect on the behaviour of concrete members subjected to dynamic loadings such as strong earthquake and impact loading. Because of the great importance of the confined reinforced concrete (RC) columns in RC structures, the dynamic behaviour of the columns induced by the strain rate effect has been studied, but only few experiments and analyses have been conducted. T o investigate the behaviour of overlapping hoop-confined square reinforced normal-strength concrete columns, considering the strain rate effect at a strain rate of 10-5/sec to 10-1/sec induced by earthquake excitation, an explicit dynamic finite element analysis (FEA) model was developed in ABAQUS to predict the behaviour of confined RC columns subjected to the rapid concentric loading. A locally modified stress-strain relation of confined concrete with the strain rate sensitivity of the concrete material and the confining effect of overlapping hoops were proposed to complete the simulation of the dynamic behaviour of concrete with the concrete plastic-constitutive model in ABAQUS. The finite element predictions are consistent with the existing test results. Based on the FEA model, a parametric investigation was conducted to capture more information about the behaviour of confined RC columns under varying loading rates.