In order to study the influence of Bolt anchored catenary on tunnel lining under the aerodynamic load, the paper takes a tunnel on Qinhuangdao -Shenyang Railway as an example.The force of lining structure is studied using numerical simulation based on the research and analysis of relevant theory and model test results. Firstly, the variation of the air pressure in the tunnel was calculated caused by the train when it is passing through the tunnel at different speeds (200 ~ 400km/h). Then, by ANSYS the aerodynamic load calculated by FLUENT is applied to the simplified catenary suspension. The main results are as follows: 1. The maximum normal stress of tunnel lining with train speed according to the power law, and maximum normal stress with train speed according to quadratic function relation; 2. Tunnel lining is subjected to push-pull stress because the magnitude and direction of aerodynamic loads change with the advance of the train; 3. The lining structure is mainly subjected to the stress of the Y direction, and this stress should not be neglected when design the structure of tunnel secondary lining. 4. The load spectrum of the lining structure under different train speed is given. The research results of this paper are of great significance to the optimization design of tunnel lining structure.