T o study the effect of blasting-induced vibration on ground buildings when tunnel undercrossing a village, a blasting vibration trial was carried out in Beizhuang tunnel in Henan Province, China. The safety blasting distance and reasonable explosive charge were pre-estimated according to empirical formula. The attenuation of ground vibration velocity was simulated using a 3D numerical model. Less explosive charge and longer distance to blasting source would result in lower ground vibration. When designed explosive charge was 54 kg, the safe distance was 42.26 m. While the distance between building and blasting source was about 37 m, the maximum explosive charge was 36.24 kg. The numerical results showed that the significantly horizontal affect region of blasting vibration was within 50 m to blasting source. Accordingly, effective vibration control is necessary to avoid disturbing human daily life during tunneling.