Active vibration isolation is gaining increased attention in the ultra-high precision application of atom interferometry to effectively treat the unavoidable ground vibration. In this system, a digital control subsystem is used to process and feedback the vibration measured by a seismometer. A voice coil actuator is used to control and cancel the motion of a commercial passive vibration isolation platform. The system level simulation model is established by Simulink software, The simulation results demonstrate the asymptotic stability of the system and the robustness of the control algorithm. Compared with the conventional lead–lag compensation type controller, the algorithm adopted uses sliding mode control, taking advantage of its easy computer implementation and its robust high performance properties. With the feedback path closed, the system acts like a spring system with a natural resonance frequency of 0.02 Hz. The vibration noise in the vertical direction is about 20 times reduced during 0.1 and 2 Hz, The experimental results verify that the isolator has significant vibration isolation performance, and it is very suitable for applications in high precision gravity measurement.