This work focuses on subjective perception of disruptive sounds with different harmonic frequencies and parts. It verifies the core of subjective disturbance on basis of a listening test. The effort is to clarify if there is more problematic the issue of clearly audible beats – which is more informative contents issue – or predominantly low frequencies of sound. Clearly audible impulses in sound records are meant by the definition beats in this article – for example drums in the recording. The point of interest is mainly low efficiency of sound insulation against low frequency sound as music with significant beats. The research is restricted only on respondents without hearing difficulties. Based on answers from more than 20 respondents there is conclusion from this paper that the research focus is far from clearance and simplicity. Answers are often very inconsistent and complaints about impossible task were noticed multiple times. In general, however, there is very clear that the problem in disturbance is hidden in low frequencies and with audible beats. The low frequencies are the key disturbance agent in this particular matter.