Recycling of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) provides us the need to save valuable aggregate and the help of which the use of expensive bituminous binder will be reduced as well. In this study we have considered one WMA additive (Sasobit). The rut resistance of mixes was improved by adding either RAP or Sasobit or both as compared to control asphalt mixes. For lower contents of RAP i.e. up to 15 %, highest rut resistances was observed at 2 % Sasobit addition, and for higher content of RAP highest rut resistance was observed at 3 % Sasobit addition. On the other hand, increasing RAP and Sasobit content increased the moisture susceptibility of mixes, so best recommended combination is to use 30-40 % RAP in addition of 3 % Sasobit as far as permanent deformation and moisture susceptibility criteria are concerned.