A large database of more than 400 existing historical atlases released after 1950 was created
as a result of an extensive analytic research within the preparation of cartographic works on the
Czech Historical Atlas. The database was published in the form of a web application that allows the
user to reveal and analyse associated information about historical atlases across interactive
dashboards. To improve the information value of the database, the authors decided to arrange
further possibilities of data excerption with the use of specialized data visualization methods that
may reveal additional information and new phenomena which are not clearly visible from the
database itself. The performed analyses supplement the paper in the form of diagrams and charts
and present the data from various perspectives with the focus on similarities and differences between
the cartographic and the thematic content of the historical atlases in the publishing countries, the
changes in the thematic focus of the atlases or changes in the use of methods of thematic
cartography in atlas works over time. The authors also deal with relations between the thematic
focus of the atlas and the applied methods of thematic cartography. All analyses are performed on
the sample of 88 atlas works.