SFCC is one of the self-compacting concrete innovations. With the presence of fiber, this concrete is not only famous for its own compaction process but also has good tensile strength and good ductility when compared to normal Self Compacting Concrete (SCC). Taking into account the environmental and economic factors of the use of cement as a major component in the manufacture of SFCC, this research is innovating by reducing the use of cement and replacing it with the use of silica fume. The silica fume variations used in this study include 5%, 10%, and 15% with the use of 1% nylon fiber. Fresh properties testing including slump flow, T50, V - Funnel, and L - Box for silica fume variations were conducted in this study. Not only that, compressive strength, tensile strength and flexural strength testing are carried out to study the mechanical properties of the SHCC against silica fume variations. The results show that the use of silica fume variations will affect the fresh properties and mechanical properties of the SFCC concrete. The use of 5% silica fume in SFCC concrete is the optimum use to get the optimum compressive strength.