Publication ethics and malpractice statement

The publisher and editorial board of the Civil Engineering, Journal have adopted the ethical standards and guidelines published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE; These guidelines specify the ethical principles that are expected from the authors, reviewers, editors, and the publisher.

The authors shall follow the international standards stated in the COPE document: Responsible research publication: international standards for authors.

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Authors shall publish only original work, which is not plagiarized and has not been published anywhere else. The same work should not be submitted to multiple publications unless agreed between all parties involved. Authors shall inform editors if the same research findings have been published previously or if multiple reports or multiple analyses of a single data set are under consideration for publication elsewhere. All information incl. data, graphs, charts, pictures, etc. shall be properly acknowledged and cited.

All parties (authors, co-authors, funders, etc.) shall be properly recognized, acknowledged, and introduced honestly. Authors shall not omit any contributors; however also shall not listed co- authors without a significant contribution to the work. No contribution shall be given to any party that had brought no contribution to the work. Authors shall prevent from guest, gift, and ghost authorship. All authors shall agree on the final version of the document and should agree to be listed as authors.

All authors are responsible for the entire work. All authors shall work with the editors to correct any mistakes if those have been discovered. Authors should respond appropriately to reviewers’ comments and provide additional information past the review process if necessary.


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