The article deals with metric survey documentation of medieval and early modern kitchens preserved in various types of buildings in the Czech Republic. Historic kitchens are important but still neglected technical monuments in terms of knowledge of their functional and structural aspects. As part of the student scientific project, surveys and metric survey documentation were carried out, which are the bases for the creation of diagrams of the spatial and structural arrangement of medieval and early modern kitchens. For the article, five very well-preserved kitchens were selected which represent three construction types of historical kitchens. For selected examples, their current metric survey documentation was evaluated. According to its quality and according to the character of a particular kitchen, the method of new metric survey documentation was chosen – 3D geodetic measurement (total station), Terrestrial Laser Scanning (point cloud and 3D model) and close range photogrammetry (point cloud and textured 3D model). The aim was to test and evaluate the informative possibilities of these technologies. Outputs are the description and the metric survey documentation of the selected kitchens. These outputs will be used in the passports of individual buildings to evaluate their construction development. The documentation will also allow the creation of generalizing schemes of spatial and structural arrangement of the individual types of kitchens.