Precast concrete structures have gained preference in the modern construction industry because of the multiple advantages they offer. The connection of precast members is an important aspect to consider in the design of structures with precast components. Grouted Sleeve connection, one of the famous connector types, is made of the trio of reinforced bars, high strength grouting materials and a ductile iron cylinder. This article compares the finding of recent experimental research findings on grouted sleeve connection and establishes the relationship between the three components of the connector to enhance the performance of the splicing agent. It is found that the tensile performance of the connector increases with the embedded length of the bar for a normal sleeve. An effective embedded length set between 6 and 8 times the diameter of the bar will maximize the tensile performance of the connector. The increase in diameter of the sleeve cylinder, the compressive strength of the grout and the length of the bar embedded and its surface will affect the bond performance and the mode of failure under tensile load.