The article deals with the design of database structures of a web application for the presentation of information about the development of rural architecture in the 19th and 20th centuries in the territory of today's Czech Republic. The processes of data structure design, description of the chosen solution and method of implementation are presented. The solution used is based on freely available technologies and applied to the creation of a smaller web portal. The described methods can be inspiring for similar types of web presentations, which are a frequent output of many activities and projects.
The created web application contains various types of data: maps of selected villages, spatial models of selected rural buildings, their floor plans, created orthophoto, photo gallery, and other textual and graphical information documenting the development of rural architecture. Objects of interest are located on the used interactive map. The application allows users to search and filter the required data. The technological solution is based on the PostgreSQL database and the PHP Nette framework. The created portal presents interesting information about important values of rural architecture, which can be considered as a part of the cultural heritage. The web portal can be used by experts and the general public.